[texhax] TUGboat Volume 23, Number 3/4 shipped to printer

Mimi Burbank mimi at csit.fsu.edu
Thu Jan 22 17:02:01 CET 2004

The last issue of 2002, a double  issue, was shipped to the printer
yesterday afternoon.   We anticipate a mailing date of two weeks
or thereabouts.   

Mimi Burbank
 for the TUGboat production team


                 Volume 23, Number 3/4                 2002

Addresses						243-244
General Delivery
     Karl Berry
	From the Board of Directors			245-245
     Barbara Beeton
	Editorial comments				245-247
             TeX 3.141592, Metafont 2.71828;
             Glitch in TUGboat 22:4; 
             Farewell, Michael Downes;
             Last cartoon by Roy Preston;
             A web site for Arabic typography;
             Recognition for the Plantin Museum;
             An alphabet game for children of all ages;
             Making TeX Work on CTAN;
             TeX for the Impatient
  Hyphenation exception log				247-248
  Donald Knuth:  All questions answered
             (University of Oslo, 30 August 2002)	249-261
     Claudio Beccari
	Floating point numbers and Metafont, Metapost, 
           TeX, and PostScript Type1 fonts		261-269
     Stefan A. Revets
	The Octavo package				269-275
     Claudio Beccari
	The  teubner LaTeX package: Typesetting 
         classical Greek philology			276-282
     Palash B. Pal
	Typesetting in Bengali script using TeX		282-288
Electronic Documents
     Jonathan Kuhn
	interactiveworkbook: LaTeX-based 
          interactive PDF on the Web			288-290
Font Forum
     D. Men'shikov, A. Kostin, and M. Vulis
	Multiple Master math extension fonts		291-294
     Thomas H. Barton
	TrueType fonts in PostScript			294-296
     Antonis Tsolomitis
	The Kerkis font family				296-301
     Walter Schmidt
	Euler-VM: Generic math fonts
          for use with LaTeX				301-303
Software & Tools
     Prasenjit Saha
	Rambutan: Literate programming in Java		304-309
Graphics Applications
     Christian Obrecht
	Eukleides: A geometry drawing language		309-313
     Ramon Casares		
	MTeX						313-318
Hints & Tricks
     Mark LaPlante and William F. Adams
	The treasure chest				319-329
     Thomas Feuerstack
	Introduction to pdfTeX				329-334
     Herbert Voss
	Constructing circuit diagrams with pst-circ	335-341
     Norman Gray
	Absolute positioning with textpos		341-344
     Harald Harders
	Multilingual bibliographies: Using and 
          extending the babelbib package		344-353
   Les Cahiers GUTenberg:
       Contents of Thematic Issue 41(November 2001)	354-354
News &  Announcements
  Calendar						355-357
  Practical TeX 2004: training and techniques		358-358
  TUG  2004 announcement				cover 3
Late-Breaking News
     Mimi Burbank
	Production notes				360-360
        Future issues					360-360
     Roy Preston
	Type Design as Art				244-244
TUG Business
     Arthur Ogawa
	Report of TUG election				360-365
     Robin Laakso
	Financial statements for 2001 and 2002		365-366
  Institutional members					357-357
  TUG membership application				375-375
  Bugs in Computers & Typesetting, 6 July 2003		367-374
  TeX consulting and production services		376-376
  TeX Live, 2003 Edition				359-359

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