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Luca Turchetti luca.turchetti at uniroma1.it
Tue Jan 20 19:09:26 CET 2004



in the document preamble so that the toc will descend down to the 4th level in the
sections hiearchy (the default for the book class is the 3rd)

1 Section
2 Subsection
3 Subsubsection
4 Paragraph
5 Subparagraph

Best Regards
Luca Turchetti

mr at xosoftware.dk wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using \documentclass{book} but this is optional for me. I don't know if
> this matters in the following.
> I would like to use \paragraph{title} and have 'title' appear in the table of
> contents. I can make it work with \section{title} and \chapter{title} with
> different \docclass{...}. Do I need a certain package or am I missing something
> else?
> Thanx
> Martin
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