[texhax] fancyhdr.sty

mr at xosoftware.dk mr at xosoftware.dk
Fri Jan 16 18:45:24 CET 2004

First, thank you to Fairbairns and everyone 
else for quick response and valuable advice. 
It is very much appreciated.
Now, I am trying to alter the pagenumbering 
using fancyhdr.sty. I do the following:



put get two indices of the page number on 
every page. That is, I get one in the middle 
and on the right/left. Also, the fancy head 
is a line wider than the text. In the docs 
this is described as a feature, but is it 
poosible to change it to the width of the 
Maybe, I ought to use a different package to 
get the page numbering to "the side" instead 
of in the middle. I don't know.
Thank you

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