[texhax] superposing symbols

doug waud douglas.waud at umassmed.edu
Fri Jan 9 21:32:02 CET 2004

Hi again :-)

"Philip G. Ratcliffe" wrote:

> try the
> the cancel package - it does just what you want. 


> you might look at the slashed.sty package (available on
> CTAN) for how to superpose symbols like /.

After reading the above I wondered whether I had misread the TeXbook on
how TeX deals with boxes  :-(  so I decided to play a bit (one way to
explore) and simply tried a few options, specifically my first impulse
to simple code it in TeX and then some examples with the cancel and
slashed styles. In case anyone wants to see the results, I attach a
brief TeX file. Just TeX it and look at the .dvi result. (And, as with
all open source, you can then play with it to your heart's content!)
(and, as with all ASCII files, you can download this .tex file with no
fear of viruses; just like the good old days!)

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