[texhax] "big O" and "little O" notation in amsmath

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Fri Jan 9 17:09:40 CET 2004

john wheeler wrote,

    I use the amsmath package and would like to have implemented the
    "big O" and "little O" notations for specifying the behavior of a
    function in a limit.  I've looked at the .sty file and done a little
    experimentation, but to no avail.  Can anyone tell me if they are
    available in the package, and if so what is the usage? ...

unfortunately, i'm not familiar with the terms "big O"
and "little O" notations.  can you cite a reference
where they are used?  (the purpose of this question is
to determine if this notation is something that should
be supported by unicode.  that has nothing to do with
amsmath, but is related to the STIX project that ams
has been participating in along with other scientific
publishers; see http://www.ams.org/STIX/ .)

they are not in the amsmath package, at least not by
those names.

    ...  Also, is a manual or other descriptive document
    available? and if so, where?

the "amsmath user's guide" can be found at
the book "math into latex" by george gratzer gives a
much more detailed presentation, with lots of examples.
							-- bb

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