[texhax] Converting from LaTeX to MS Word

Jerry Leichter jerroldleichter at mac.com
Sat Dec 25 13:29:25 CET 2004

> The thread on this topic touches a nerve, since I find myself in this
> dilemma quite often. I use LaTeX all the time, but have colleagues who
> only work with Word, as well as publishers etc who require Word
> versions of chapters or articles etc....
I haven't been in this situation in a while, and for the second case, 
you can
get stuck.  For the first, a work-around - which involves more work for 
you! -
is to offer to do all the edits from your colleague's markup.  They can 
go the
traditional route of red pencil on paper, or use a PDF with a program 
that lets them insert notes.  (I've tried the latter in the converse 
position, when I had to comment on books being produced in Framemaker.  
I found it to be much more work than the traditional red pencil, and 
soon went back to that.)

                                                          -- Jerry

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