[texhax] executables in miktex/bin directory

afrank at ing.puc.cl afrank at ing.puc.cl
Tue Dec 14 10:27:32 CET 2004


my name is Alexander Frank, math graduate student

I've installed the musixtex package following the instructions from the 
warner icking page (the oficial site).... and I added a few executables
files to the miktex/bin directory...

I work with WinEdt on Windows XP and it seems that this program doesn't
know about the existence of musixflx.exe (located in miktex/bin directory)
because the output of the files that I create are not influenciated by
this file. Perhaps I have to configurate something in WinEdt, but I'm
lost.... I've been looking through apparently all the menues and files to
configurate... and nothing.... also I've included in the miktex/bin
directory some preprocessor executables and I don't know how to call them
from WinEdt (pmxab.exe, mtx.exe).

(I've refreshed the miktex database.... also I've looked for executables
with an option into WinEdt and only appears the basic executables...
tex.exe.... latex.exe... yap.exe... etc. I've looked into WinEdtex.ini,
Startup.edt, Tex System.edt and I didn't find something related)

Trying to find some help at the WinEdt page I've found you....

I appreciate your time... and I hope you can find a solution out to help me.

Thank you very much....

                     Alexander Frank M.

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