[texhax] BibTeX and Plain TeX and natbib macros

Frauke Jurgensen frauke at videotron.ca
Wed Dec 8 09:05:38 CET 2004

Robin Fairbairns wrote:

>frauke jurgensen writes:
>>I'm using BibTeX with Plain TeX (under Linux). I'd like to be able to 
>>indicate page numbers in my citations. Documentation for the natbib 
>>package indicates that this should be possible using \citet[page 
>>x]{referencey}. However, this package doesn't like plain TeX. Has 
>>someone written similar macros that will work in plain TeX?
>the normal (ex natbib) syntax is just \cite[page foo]{bar1947}
>you don't say what macros you're using for citations: for some reason
>i thought the eplain macros implemented much the same syntax as the
>"normal" latex macros.  have you actually tried?

The problem has resolved itself: for some reason, I thought the page 
number syntax would only work if if one were using natbib, using \citet 
or similar, and completely missed the possibility of using page numbers 
with plain old \cite. Obviously, I ought to have gone to bed hours ago 
(it's 3AM here). :-)

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