[texhax] programs to create figures

Tamas Hegedus Hegedus.Tamas at mayo.edu
Mon Dec 6 20:37:41 CET 2004

Dear Sir, Madame,

I did not find any useful information on my problem explained below on 
the web; I also could not figure out, which is the best list to post it.

Thanks for your help!

I would like to create figures with images and text, convert it to eps, 
and use in latex (os linux).

If I create the figure e.g. in oodraw, export it to eps, create dvi, pdf:
-> print out of pdf is pretty fine;
-> on-screen pdf is ugly.

I tried different programs to do this well. Only XFig was able to create 
  high quality eps for both printer and screen, but for creating some 
type of figures XFig is not a good solution.

What I miss? What other 'high quality eps' program can you advice?

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