[texhax] Sept 2003 TUG news: TeX Live/CTAN, TUGboat 22(4), MacTeX, Exec. Director

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Sep 16 11:39:12 CEST 2003

Dear TeX user,

Here is another installment of TUG's random newsletter:

1a) We now hope and expect TeX Live production to be done by early
October (regrets for the unexpected delay, but it can't get finished
any faster at this point).  No guarantees of course, it's all being
done by volunteers, but that's the best information we can pass on
at this time.

Depending on the vagaries of the mail, it could be several weeks after
that before the software is available at the store or arrives in
members' mailboxes.  It will be available online somewhat earlier, if
you have a fast connection and the capacity to deal with ISO images. 
The test images are at ftp://tug.org/texlive/Images now.

1b) CTAN-on-DVD (being produced for the first time) will be available
with TeX Live this year, comprising the "TeX Collection".  The usual
CTAN-on-CD set will be produced separately, and some weeks later than 
the TeX Collection.

2) The last issue of TUGboat for 2001, volume 22 number 4, was mailed
to 2001 TUG members around August 1.  If you were a TUG member in 2001
and have not received your copy, please contact us.  If you weren't a
member but would like the issue, you can purchase it separately, along
with all other TUGboat back issues, at http://tug.org/store.  The
articles are also available online via:

3) MacTeX, a new TeXnical Working Group has been formed, for TeX under
MacOS.  Under the aegis of this new TWG, TUG has sponsored an Apple
Developer membership for Gerben Wierda, to improve access to
forthcoming Mac updates and helping ensure that TeX continues to work.
Gerben's MacOSX TeX distribution is included on TeX Live, and is also
available at:

4) TUG has an executive director again!  After several years of
hiatus, the board has given Robin Laakso, our long-time office
manager, the title of executive director, as provided for in the
TUG bylaws.  This won't change the stellar work Robin has been doing
for over four years now); indeed, she's been the executive director
in all but the name, so we wanted to recognize this with the job 
title as well.  Thanks Robin!

Finally, and as always, please don't hesitate to contact us for any

Happy TeX'ing,
the TUG board (board at tug.org)

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