[texhax] matrices

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Wed Sep 10 11:26:32 CEST 2003

> > please don't REPLY to some random mailing to start a new thread - it
> > b***ers up the nice grouping that many e-mail clients allow
> No idea what email client you use, but I'm SORRY to have soured your day

Oh, just Outlook Express (but it is a comon option) and for those of us who
like to keep the list mailings for future reference having them grouped
properly is rather essential (in OE |View|Current View|Group Mesages by

> - I hope this isn't really that big of a deal for you. :)

No real problem; this thread just hides under the "A PSTricks question"
thread, that's all.

> No one has ever complained to me about this habit before.

It's certainly come up in other lists I belong to (e.g., MiKTeX).

> > Enough to glance at one of the manuals though
> Sometimes it takes more than a glance..

I admit this is partly true, but they do have indices and/ contents
listings; the book by Doob (freely available on CTAN and part of the MiKTeX
installation, for example) gets you straight to matrices with no messing

> > I would, however, recommend using the 'amsmath' & Co. packages
> > (and reading the manual); they provide better alternatives (for this
> > and other math).
> Good recommendation! thank you.

While we're on it, I would strongly recommend this for ALL math users (at
least to be aware of the hoard of possibilities made available there).

> I like Harmut's suggestion quite a bit too. (That should be plenty of
> c's for now!)  I think really should have been able to guess that one on
> my own!

All a bit beside the point though really since \matrix is ALREADY defined in
LaTeX (see my previous mailing).

Cheers,  Phil

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