[texhax] scrlttr2

Jan Bruners lists at bruners.de
Fri Sep 5 13:42:26 CEST 2003


Hopefully, KOMA script questions are not OT here.

I use the scrlttr2 document class with the DIN option. The letter body is much
narrower than the letter head/foot. Is there a way to manipulate (i.e. widen)
the body's width? I checked the scrguide.pdf, but found only commands to narrow
the head/foot.

The second issue is related to the backaddress command. The backaddress is
printed with a an underline, which does not look good with one of my
letterheads. How can I get rid of that line?

My third question is a little more specific. When using \adrentry to compose
letters, I can only get the address of my recipient, but not the information
from the special fields ({F1}{F2}{Comment}). This is no problem when preparing
circular letters, though. At least that's what I learn from scrguide.pdf. Or am
I wrong?


Jan Bruners

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