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Dear TeX-supporters,

I have been trying to find this bit of information all over the place,
but I can't find this in any FAQ or reference book. Part of the problem
is that I don't even know what to look for. I'll do my best to explain.

I would like to use the typographically and aesthetically more pleasing
numbers in my documents, where e.g. the 0 looks like an ``o,'' the 1
looks like \textsc{i} and the 9 decends below the baseline. (This is a
typographical convention in _The Economist_, for example.)

Does anybody know which package needs to be loaded in order for (La)TeX
to use them instead the standard numbers, where every digit fills the
entire box, from baseline to top?

FYI, I usually just use plain Computer Modern fonts.

Your help is appreciated,

In plain TeX, I simply type


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