[texhax] Inserting Hebrew into a regular latex file - Gabor's question

Rama Porrat rama at cc.huji.ac.il
Wed Oct 29 15:29:57 CET 2003

I send this message to texhax also, because somebody else might also be interested.

In order to write Hebrew within regular (left-to-right) LaTeX documents, 
please unzip the file
 into some temporary directory. 
Then   1. Put the 4 available *.mf files in the fonts source directory.  You can  
              create a new subdirectory under miktex\fonts\source  and call it "hebrew"
              and insert the *.mf files there.
          2. Go into each of the 2 available sub directories created from the zip file, and
              follow the directions within each readme.txt file available 
Then run LaTeX on the file
                     ftp://ftp.cc.huji.ac.il/tex/using_heb_with_regular_latex.tex                                    and see the result.

Actually you can start with ONLY the 4 mf fonts, in which case you will simply have only those
4 fonts.  If you choose to do that, then after inserting the 4 mf fonts into the source directory,
you have to update the miktex data base (ask me if you don't know what this means)
and then run a smaller version of the attached latex file (I have inserted a comment in the latex file - look for the comment around line 70 of the file).

Please note - I did this zip file in a hurry, so I will not be surprised if there are some problems - maybe I forgot something.....   SO, if something is not clear, or if it does not work,   DO NOT HESITATE to write and tell me about it?   I am sure it will work at the end.
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