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Abu Michael mikia at techunix.technion.ac.il
Tue Oct 28 16:47:14 CET 2003

Thanks for the quick reply.
I am a novice in LaTex, and I am using a template for my thesis, so I hope that I give enough details.
The template contains sections in English and sections in Hebrew. The problem I described before happened in a chapter inEnglish (The hebrew part of the document is pretty much short).
I am using the next packages which may be relevant for my question (I do not list here packages as graphicx or algorithmic).


And the header style I am using is


Thanks again


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> I have a problem in my thesis document where one page is missing its
> header. There is a page in the chapter that contains itemize and enumerate
> lists and the next page does not has its header. I tried to put
> \thispagestyle{headings} in several places but still this page has style
> empty.
> Any ideas?

If you really want an answer then you'l have to give us a little more
information: what packages are you using, how is the header set up ...?


As a comment to all posters: to a good(ish) approximation, standard LaTeX
does NOT do strange and obviouslywrong things.Unfortunately, some
packages do and it is also easy to get a package clash.But if you don't
say which of the tens of documented (and who knows how many undocumented)
packages you are using, then it will take more than a crystal ball (or at
any rate the rather cloudy one I possess) to figure out what could be going


Cordialmente,Philip G. Ratcliffe

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