[texhax] Copyright (c)

John Wheeler jcw at chemj2.ucsd.edu
Thu Oct 23 17:29:23 CEST 2003

Section 3.2.2 of Lamport's LaTeX (1st ed)
the command is
(as one might have thought to try)
Did this give problems?
John Wheeler
jcw at chemj2.ucsd.edu
>Dear, whom it may concern.
>I'd like to ask a question through this LaTeX support group.
>How can I put @ when I write Copyright ?
>For example, Copyright @ Junghoon Suh, 2003.
>Here, the letter inside of @ is c instead of a.
>Do you happen to know how to type a little circle that has a letter 'c' inside 
>Thanks for kind answer in advance.
>Junghoon Suh
>The Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville
>Ferris Hall # 414
>Tel.(865) 974-6537
>jsuh at utk.edu

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