[texhax] two questions about bibtex: notes field, and citations for different pages in a book

Jan Bruners lists at bruners.de
Wed Oct 15 17:38:56 CEST 2003

Hi Christopher,

the field will be used for unpublished manuscripts. With these items, BibTeX (or at least natbib) will require you to fill the note field with something like "Ms., University of California LA"

Use natbib for your citations, and you can add the page numbers as an optional parameter (see the custom bib documentation to learn how to create custom bst files).



Christopher W. Ryan wrote:

>Two questions about bibtex:
>1.  In each entry in my bibtex file, there is a field called "note" or 
>"notes".  It is empty in just about all of them.  What is this field 
>for?  I'm wondering if I can scribble in there my notes and thoughts as 
>I read the article.  This would be useful when it comes time for me to 
>write my manuscript.  But I wouldn't want the text in the "note" field 
>to appear in a bibliography, of course.

>2.  Suppose I have a book, which my manuscript will cite several times, 
>but with each citation referring to a different range of pages.  How 
>does bibtex/latex handle that?

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