[texhax] tex to pdf

Jan Bruners lists at bruners.de
Wed Oct 8 15:49:16 CEST 2003


winedt is just the editor, you should check the way the pdf is created. If you
need to include eps figures, you should use latex + dvips + ps2pdf. pdflatex is
not capable of dealing with eps. On the other hand, you could use epstopdf to
convert all your images and then use pdflatex.



Meir Kalech <kalechm at cs.biu.ac.il> schrieb am Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2003:

>I use winedt tool in order to write tex file and transform them to pdf.
>When I transform a tex file to pdf file by dvi to pdf button, it transfers it 
>well except of the eps figures which remain blank although appear in the dvi 
>file. It is very strange since in my other computer which uses the same winedt 
>version the transformation is well include the eps figures.
>Please help me.
>Thanks, Meir Kalech

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