[OT:] Re: [texhax] Re: easy update of teTeX on Linux?

Ian Collier imc at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Mon Oct 6 23:14:53 CEST 2003

rcsanchez97 at yahoo.es wrote in texhax:
>Please don't let the version numbers fool you.  The way that Debian 
>distributions work is that the newest stable upstream packages are 
>placed into the unstable (codenamed Sid) distribution.
 [snip the explanation]
>Of course, I am certain that you are still wondering about bug fixes. 
>As bugs are reported, the maintainers of the various packages work vary 
>hard to backport fixes into the various stable packages. 
[more snip]
>So, to make a long story short, those bugs have probably already been 
>fixed.  I hope that this has helped you understand the Debian system a 
>little better.

Perhaps someone who is concerned about particular bugs could check
whether they have indeed been fixed in the Debian stable teTeX package.
I have my doubts that the developers would concern themselves with
updates to individual LaTeX packages, but I suppose I could be wrong.
One consequence of the way teTeX is packaged is that most of the
macros in it can't be upgraded individually, and replacing the whole
package for a minor bugfix to a macro would be somewhat expensive
on resources.
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