[texhax] Low ratio compression on texlive2003-inst-20030928.iso.bz2

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 5 09:59:55 CEST 2003

    Hello, I am not sure that's the good address for my question but I
    don't see another one...

I thought I had plastered tex-live at tug.org all over every TL-related web page.
But it doesn't really matter.

    The bz2 image of texlive "inst" on tug/ftp
    (texlive2003-inst-20030928.iso.bz2) and mirrors show a very low
    ratio compression (-37 Mo only) in particular compared with the
    versions "demo" and "live" (-416 and -582 Mo).
    Is this normal? 

Yes it is.  The reason is that almost all of the inst image is already
compressed (as zip files).  Therefore bzip isn't able to do much.

I may as well take this opportunity to mention that the images for TL
2003 are at the production company in Germany (they're also on CTAN, in
systems/texlive).  We hope duplication will start this week.  I'm not
sure how long that will take.  It will probably take a few weeks (at
best) to get them through the postal mail after that.  Maybe by the end
of October, with luck, they'll be in everyone's hands.

If anyone finds bugs or problems with the images, please let us know.
Although we obviously can't change the physical disks, we can at least
list them on the web pages.


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