[texhax] some problems about \prevgraf and \toks

Chakrit Nimmanant aquasakura at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 4 18:25:22 CEST 2003

Dear Sir,
             I have 2 questions about my macro, Can you please recommend me 
some instructions?

>  Firstly, I can refer to the current page number by using "\count0" 
>;therfore, I thought that "\prevgraf" can provide me the current line 
>number,but "\prevgraf" is always zero so I was unable to recognize whether 
>Tex entered new line or not.
So, my question is how can I refer to the current line number or at least 
how can I know that whether TeX has already entered a new line or not?

>Secondly, I have my macro like this:
             \justReceivedToks = {#1} % this will keep currently  received 
argument in a \toks.
             \tempToks = \allEarlierArgumentConcatTogether % this will back 
up value with temp \toks
             \allEarlierArgumentConcatTogether = " 
\allEarlierArgumentConcatTogether " concatenate with "\justReceivedToks"  % 
this line is my problem because I can't concatenate 2 tokens and assign it 
to another token like A = A.concat(B); in Java Programming.
So, my question is how can I concatenate two "\toks" and assign it to 
another "\toks"?

                                                    Many thanks in advance 
for any assistance you may provide.

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