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Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Oct 3 22:03:33 CEST 2003

    Moreover, as a subscriber to the list, one ends up with TWO copies
    if a reply comes directly and another via the list.

Yes, this is annoying.  Mailman will actually avoid this where possible,
but often it is not (i.e., the subscription address on the list is not
the same as the address being replied to).

My personal solution (thanks to Jim Meyering) for avoiding duplicates is
to filter out messages with the same message-id's with procmail, which
is easy.  Recipe below, in case it's of any use to anyone.  It has made
me much happier.

    for mails arriving from non-subscribers, the Reply-To
    contained TWO addresses

That would be ideal, but as far as I know mailman is not smart enough to
do it :(.  And since I've never even gotten an acknowledgement of my
previous enhancement requests (which weren't easy to make), I'm not too
inclined to spend more time explaining it to them only to have it fall
into a black hole.

One of my long-time fantasies is to write my own "simple" mailing list
manager.  Oh well ...

Meanwhile, I fear we have to deal with the suboptimal headers.  Sorry.


# One often receives duplicate messages for cross-postings to mailing
# lists, or explicit replies to a post from you in addition to the
# mailing list message.
# The following recipe eliminates all duplicate messages.  It tells
# formail(1) to keep a cache file of the Message-IDs of the most recent
# messages you've received.  Since Message-IDs are guaranteed unique for
# distinct messages, they are ideally suited to weed out duplicates.
# all recipes start with `:0'.
# W - wait for completion, suppressing `program failure' message.
# h - send headers only to the subprogram.
# : msgid.lock - locking using given file.
:0 Wh: msgid.lock
| formail -D 65536 mail/.saves.msgid

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