[texhax] Question about LaTex

Bruno Fabbri fabbribr at tin.it
Wed Oct 1 19:28:49 CEST 2003

Dear Sir
I have a computer with few disk space (only 1.2 giga) ed I have now only 200 mega free. I have tried to install Texlive but the space was not enought. I have uninstalled and I wish to use taxlive from the CD-ROM.
Unfortunatly, during installation and uninstallation of Texlive, it must be happen a wrong thing because now, when I open the Texlive menu, using the CD-ROM, and I choose: "explore CD-ROM" , The little window that appear show the selection "RUN TEX OFF THE CD-ROM" but now I may not choose this (double clic does make anything). 
I ask you if you may tell me what may I do. In other words I ask you if you know where are the configuration files in the Hard disk and how to modify them in order to make possible the choose "run tex off the CD-ROM".
Excuse me for my english and thank you in advance.
Bruno Fabbri
Cividale del Friuli 
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