[texhax] Change Case

Raj texuser74 at netscape.net
Thu Nov 27 09:52:41 CET 2003

Thank you very much for the help.


pavpen at uclink.berkeley.edu wrote:

>Still, you provide insightful examples.  I just played a bit with LaTeX
>and got it to handle correctly the above two, as well as cases like
>    Adelson--Velskii
>Unfortunately, the rules seem ambiguous for parts like "Mac" in
>    Colin Maclaurin
>    Old MacDonald
>and are not handled.  (You should be able to extend my writings to
>handle this case to your taste).  I, also, switched to LaTeX's
>\MakeLowercase and \MakeUppercase, since they are more robust.  I am
>attaching my scratch (making no promises as to how will it work).
>Apologies to people with slow connections.
>Gee, companies should sell LaTeX for Playstation,

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