[texhax] Help with a TeX file

Tony Mobily mobily at mobily.com
Tue Nov 25 04:47:56 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

I am not a LaTex expert. However, I have managed - with a *lot* of
effort - to create a nice and "perfect" LaTex file that does what I want
it to do.

I still have three issues, and I tried *everything* I could possibly
think of to fix them. I didn't manage, and I am hoping that somebody on
this list today feels particularily willing to help me! :-)

You will find attached  my LaTex file (it's actually a shortened version
of it, but it will do the job). The attachment is only 12Kb, I hope it's

You will notice that the margins are a little ridicolous. The reasons is
that I *need* the book to be 190 pages (to contain the cost) and the
font to be at least 11pt: if the margins were even 1mm inward on any
side, every single short story would finish with one line in the next
page (adding about 10 pages...). That's annoying, and I don't know how
to fix it...

Anyway, here are my questions, in order of importance:

* I *need* to lower the position of the page numbers, but without
changing the book's margins. I am referring to the page numbers on the
top right hand sides (for right pages) and top left hand sides (for left
pages). Basically, I would like to push the page numbers down, closer to
the text. How can I do that? I have the feeling I have to get into the
guts of laTex to do that...! I need to do this because when they bind
the book they night "cut" up to 4 mm off the top...

* At the beginning of each short story, the page number is at the bottom
of the page. I would like to place it on the top corner, like any other
page. If that's impossible, I would need to push it up a little bit,
closer to the text, still without changing the margins!

* Before each new short story, I would like to have a blank page. No
matter what I did, the page number seems to stay there. How can I get
rid of it?

* (not important, but hey...) when I use the letter "E'" (the Italian
accented "E" in capital letters), the line which contains it seems to
get a little wider, as if the spacing between each line wasn't large
enough to contain it (see page 13, second line, "E' estate"). Is there a
way to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a *lot*,


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