[texhax] making bibliography in latex

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sat Nov 22 16:49:28 CET 2003

article.cls defines \refname as
this is used with the \section* command for the environment
thebibliography.  in turn, \section defines the size as

all the changes you want can be made at once, with
    \renewcommand\refname{<font specs><new text>}
							-- bb

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Subject: [texhax] making bibliography in latex

Good morning,

When I use the article format, I seem to be stuck with the word "References"
that the statement \begin{thebibliography} automatically produces in my
manuscript.  Is there any convenient way of changing the size and style of
the word "References" that appears automatically or of getting rid of it?

Arthur Yaghjian

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