[texhax] Accents in typewriter (\texttt or \tt) mode

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Nov 21 15:23:04 CET 2003

> In typewriter mode, \texttt,or \ttfamily,  most of the accent marks
> work fine, except the \. which does not put a dot
> above a character. Is there a way to insert a dot above
> a character in typewriter mode, that is
> \texttt{\.a, \.A} to work?

i've answered this question in the last week on comp.text.tex

the . accent doesn't work in cmtt because its slot in the code table
is occupied by the underscore character, which doesn't appear in ot1

the only way i can see of using the accent is to switch to a different
encoding (for example, t1)

\texttt{\.a, \.A}

does work.

since you work in a bilingual country, i don't doubt that t1 fonts are
readily available to you...

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