[texhax] LaTeX and Type 1 fonts in Illustrator 10 under Windows ME

Tim Riley tim.riley at yale.edu
Mon Nov 17 21:27:13 CET 2003

I am trying to incorporate LaTeX output (specifically MikTeX) into 
Illustrator 10 documents, working in Windows ME.

In the past, with older versions of Illustrator, Windows and LaTeX I have 
been able to do this by creating a ps file of the LaTeXed equations, and 
then openning it in Illustrator and then copying the equations (which 
displayed coarsely, but printed well) into an Illustrator document.

Now, when I try to open the ps file in Illustrator, I get error messages like:

CMR12: default font substituted for missing font.

Similarly if I create a pdf file from the LaTeX and try to open it I get:

Missing Type 1 fonts have been substituted with default font. Fonts with 
foreign encodings have been recoded.

Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

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