[texhax] BibTeX and its limitations

Jan Eden lists at jan-eden.de
Mon Nov 17 17:25:09 CET 2003

Hi Herb,

have you tried makebst in conjunction with merlin.mbs? The results have been very good for me. You have to use a shell, though (working on Mac OS X and Linux systems, I do not know about Windows).



Herbert Gintis wrote:

>         I agree that BibTeX is very good.
>         It would be much better if it were possible to write .bst style 
>files without learning the dumb little language that BibTeX uses. That is a 
>constant pain in the butt. There should be a front end that takes a few 
>formatted examples and reverse-engineers the .bst file.
>         My BibTeX accepts a maximum of ten bibliography files---this is a 
>real drag. I've tried other implementations, but they don't work with 
>Windows XP.
>Herb Gintis
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