[texhax] LaTeXe and Mathematica

Juan Ortiz jjoamezk at netscape.net
Thu Nov 6 03:07:50 CET 2003

Where can I get help to solve this problem?

For LaTeXe installed with TeXLive 7 running under 
WindowsXP-Professional, where exactly do WolframResearch fonts in folder 
ought to be placed?

I have downloaded the corrected file wolfram.map. I use Mathematica 
version  5.0.

I have JPKuska's msymdoc.tex, as well wrisym.sty. I want to compile 
msymdoc with LaTeXe to be certain that all the Mathematica fonts are 
there. I have made the necessary steps to configure the system, but I do 
not obtain the desired result. This is my failing link. Any indications 
towards a successful configuration and font placing will be most welcome.

Then, if the above is successful, I want to use a Mathematica notebook 
saved as SaveAsSpecial TeX and then I want to compile this file with 
LaTeXe. I also have in the system the two files notebook2e.sty and 

I teach mathematics and LaTeX at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana 
Iztapalapa. I want my students to use LaTeXe to typeset Mathematica 
notebooks. Juan Ortiz

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