[texhax] pdflatex could not recognize .eps

Tran Hong Quang brifusg at yahoo.com.sg
Tue Nov 4 16:50:35 CET 2003

Oh, I see it now. Howver, I tried do that, but the
result is not what I want. Since my .eps has size
100x200, but when I convert to .pdf, it simply takes
up to 1 page. The my final document after running
pdflatex, is not what I want. The figure itself takes
up to 1 page.
I am still stuck. Thanks.

 --- Jan Eden <lists at jan-eden.de> wrote: > Hi,
> you have to use latex to include .eps graphics.
> pdflatex only knows about jpeg or pdf. But you can
> convert your eps data into pdf using epstopdf via
> the command line.
> Best,
> Jan
> Tran Hong Quang wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I use package graphicx in order to add .eps file
> into my latex file. I then
> >use \includegraphics{my_file.eps}.
> >Then I run latex, no problem. Since I need .pdf or
> .ps file, so I use
> >pdflatex ti compile but I got error.
> >LaTeX error: Unknown graphics extension.
> >
> >I then tried dvi2ps: no error, but the document .ps
> is nearly blank.
> >
> >Anyone can help me out? Thanks
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