[texhax] interconnecting Tex latex with TexnicCenter

Harry Lippert harrylippert at shaw.ca
Sat May 31 14:01:40 CEST 2003

Dear Sir or Madam, when I try to run TexNiccenter editor, it fails, saying it can't find latex.exe. My path is

C:\Program Files\TeXLive\bin\win32

but your manual for this Tex -which is June 2002, off the CD-ROM, states latex.exe uses tex.exe, just by altering dll's.
So perhaps TeXnicCenter are pretty vague about linking to versions of Tex that to them are non standard. I am also using Windows ME on a Compaq.

                         Can you help?

The path is required in the Ouput Options menu, in TeXnic, where I use its Wizard, to set the system for TeXnicCenter.

                          Thank you
                              Harry Lippert
-happy TeX user.

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