[texhax] TeX to XML?

John W. Shipman john at nmt.edu
Thu May 22 11:13:57 CEST 2003

An earlier poster said:

| This is regarding XMLTeX.

What I need is a tool to go from TeX to XML, which would
appear to be the opposite direction to XMLTeX.

I have a large number of documents written in Plain TeX
with my own macros, and I need to translate them to
DocBook XML.  So I need a framework that parses TeX
and allows me to do translations like this:

 *  Generate an XML start tag at the beginning of a
    macro and the corresponding end tag at the end of
    the macro

 *  Replace TeX diacriticals with XML entities

I don't mind doing a lot of hand cleanup afterwards.  That
would be much better than having to hand-translate an 85-page
TeX document.

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