[texhax] tug-support merged into texhax

karl at tug.org karl at tug.org
Sun May 18 19:24:26 CEST 2003

After discussing with the list administrators of the tug-support mailing
list (Petr and Brett), we agreed that texhax and tug-support have
essentially the same purpose -- general TeX questions (and discussion).
Volume is similar on the lists, a few messages a week.  So we've merged
them together.

Since texhax predated tug-support by a decade or so, I merged
tug-support into texhax instead of the other way around :).  Naturally,
the addresses support at tug.org and tug-support at tug.org still work; they
are just aliases for texhax at tug.org now.

By merge, I mean that everyone subscribed to tug-support is now
subscribed to texhax.  (If you were a digest member of tug-support,
you're now a digest member of texhax.)

If you wish to unsubcribe, or change between digest and not, or alter
the many other options mailman supports, please go to

You'll need your mailman password to change things.  Unfortunately, I
could not find a way to preserve passwords when merging lists, but
mailman can mail it to you: put your subscribed address in on the page
above (last section), then click the `Email My Password To Me' button on
the next page (in the middle).

If you don't know your subscribed address, or have other questions or
problems, please email postmaster at tug.org.

If you'd just like to receive the occasional announcements, instead of
being on this general mailing list, you can subscribe to (the
newly-created list) tex-announce at tug.org via

Happy TeX'ing,

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