[texhax] Could an announcement list be set up?

Justin Bur justin at cam.org
Fri May 16 13:39:18 CEST 2003

Nelson Beebe wrote:

> Does anyone else on this list have strong feelings about the
> need to create a new tex-announce list?
> I'm lukewarm about it, simply because it is going to be hard to decide
> what qualifies as an `announcement': to keep the volume low, some
> human editor has to assume the duty of approving postings.

I know that on Usenet and in very widely subscribed mailing lists, it's 
pretty much impossible to run an announcement list without a moderator. 
But is the TeX community that large and unruly that it couldn't run a 
self-regulating announcement list? As long as the list's description 
makes it clear that it's not for random discussion, and people keep 
calm about accidental mispostings, it might work unmoderated.

Or am I being unrealistically optimistic? (I have tendencies in that 
direction. :-)


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