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Michael Doob mdoob at cmstex2.maths.umanitoba.ca
Thu May 8 10:30:26 CEST 2003

An existential question worthy of Sartre! If no ink (toner?) hits
the page, have you printed nothing? I would think that it is not
true that \strut does not print nothing.

On the other hand, inserting a null hbox prints nothing on the page
but does break the ligature. So has the \null or {} printed nothing
or not?.I'm still on my first cup of coffee here in Canada, so this 
is too hard for my poor brain at this time :-).


> > As Hartmut suggested, anything like {} or \null or \strut (all print
> > nothing, but do get processed) between ? and ` will solve your problem.
> \strut does not print nothing, as one can clearly see in the difference 
> between \framebox{a\strut} and \framebox{a}: It reserves the vertical 
> space for uppercase letters and underlengths.
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