[texhax] Alignment with respect to symbol

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 27 17:07:34 CEST 2003

> Phil,
> Thanx for the clue, still I could not nest it in a table enviroment!
> I think, I  wud put more effort......

More than this, I can't suggest, unless you give me a better idea of the
overall structure you want.  Although, it really shouldn't be that

    48&0 &  3&20 \\
   153&15 &  0&1 \\
     3&0 & 10&0 \\

N.B. note that I use an "array" rather than "table" to avoid continual
insertion of $'s, but if you really do need a table, it shouldn't be a

Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe

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