[texhax] hhline and supertabular problems

doug waud douglas.waud at umassmed.edu
Sat Jun 21 09:31:46 CEST 2003

Alberto Sáez wrote:

> I want a table with the next look:
> __________________________
> |   _____     _____       |
> |   |A   | => | B |       |
> |   -----     -----       |
> --------------------------|

> I've used hhline to achieve this.

> The problem is than I can't avoid the top line of the "=>" cell.


I tried that package and got the same result.  :-)
I suspect you have stumbled onto a bug. :-(

I did play around a bit and found a work-around. Here is a bare-bones 
example which does what you want, I believe.

\hline% put a rule at the start of the table
\noalign{\vspace{-0.4pt}}%back up the height of that rule
\hhline{|t:=~=:t|}%this row will now have its top on the rule

I just left that center piece empty with a tilde and put an \hline on 
top of the whole top margin (with a vspace to back up so the top lines 
lie on top of each other).

This is not a very elegant solution but, if you do not have too many 
places you have to do this, you may get away with it.  :-)

Sorry about the delay; it took me a while to get back to this.
Better late than never?


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