[texhax] do British LaTeX macros exist?

Sam Halliday fommil at yahoo.ie
Sat Jun 14 21:01:51 CEST 2003

Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> > i mean for example that i can define an environment "centre" to just
> > call the "center" environment; and from then on, i would use
> > \begin{centre} as opposed to calling \begin{center} directly. i'm
> > terrible at having to remember the american spelling of things (even
> > though the translation is often s->z and re->er) and i would really
> > just like to have to worry about writing in one languauge.
> i don't think it's a good idea to do it like that.  replace
> environments such as center or itemize, in your putative british.sty
> [english.sty having been preempted by babel], as follows
>   \let\centre\center
>   \let\endcentre\endcenter

you are of course correct; to be honest i have never used \let before,
but have heard of it; so it never occured to me. this helps me greatly!

> remember that there's a school of thought (led by some upstart
> dictionary ;-) that says itemize is an english spelling.

quite right. im afraid i must be one of those UK USUALLY types ;-) you
learn something every day.

cheers, and thanks for the help!
They're giving bank robbing a bad name.
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