[texhax] bibtex style for the humanities

Wolfgang Plaschg wpl at gmx.net
Mon Jun 9 16:05:39 CEST 2003


I'm looking for a BibTeX Format File and/or package
which formats citations in a way which is usual in
german arts texts:

- all citation should appear as footnotes (could be solved
  by \footnote{\cite{...}})

- the first citation of a book should look like this:
  \textsc{[name]}: \emph{[title]}. [issue]. [pub] [year], [page]
  eg.: KANT, Immanuel: Critique of Pure Reason. 1st Issue. Riga 1786, p. 23

- all following citations from the same source should
  skip unnecessary information:
  eg.: KANT, Immanuel: loc. cit., p. 127

  a citation from the same page should look like:
  KANT, Immanuel: ibid.

there are two problems to solve: 

- the format: I already figured out, that BibTeX is capable
  of complex formatting. There should be no problem to
  format the author in small caps, etc.

- the skipping: I don't know, if BibTex is capable of this sort
  of processing, which is rather complex. It should also be
  possible to change the abbreviations. eg. use "a.a.O." instead
  of "loc. cit."

Thanks in advance,
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