[texhax] irregular boundaries

tomss at ids.net tomss at ids.net
Thu Jun 5 23:37:03 CEST 2003

Hello all:

Is there a package that can give me a non-straight column edge?  I
would like something that will make my text follow the contour of an
illustration.  I'm also interested in finding a package to provide
centered insets (like for a pull quote) in twocolumn LaTeX printing.
The wrapfig package can sort of do this second in one column or the
other, but I'd like it centered.  The two seem like related problems.

I've hunted through CTAN, but didn't recognize or see anything that
would do what I have in mind.  (Though perhaps I just don't know what
to call this.)  I wrote something that mostly works for simple LaTeX
documents, but does the general-purpose solution already exist?

Many thanks,


 tomss at ids.net        401-861-2831

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