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Dear Tom,
         I have followed this thread with interest. I have heard this 
question asked many times. My opinion, which may be incorrect, is that it's 
easy to translate text, footnotes, bibliography, and even simple macros 
from LaTeX to Word. It is less easy to translate formulas, although rough 
translation of math symbols and Greek letters is possible and easy. More 
complicated stuff cannot be translated, unless you create the TeX formulas 
with special software. Figures are impossible to translate.
         Please correct me, someone, if I am wrong here.
         I wrote my own translator from LaTeX to rtf (the rtf language is 
public), which is readable by Word and other word-processing software. I'm 
sure the CTAN translators are fine for simple stuff, since I had no trouble 
writing my own.
         If you do all your figures in eps, both LaTeX and Word can handle 
them. As for complex formulas, there is no way, unless you convert them to 
eps or something else Word can read, possibly from a pdf file. I don't know.



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