[texhax] ps2pk.map question

Art Werschulz agw at cs.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 23 04:13:02 CET 2003


We are running RedHat Linux, and are in the process of upgrading from
TeXLive 7 to the latest TeXLive.  (Is there an official name for this
new version?  I see "Edition 9" on the cover, which leads me to wonder
what happened to version 8.)

We keep everything in /usr/local/tex.  To be safe, I first renamed
/usr/local/tex to /usr/local/tex-old, made a new directory
/usr/local/tex, and then copied /usr/local/tex-old/texmf-var and
/usr/local/tex-old/texmf-local into /usr/local/tex/temxf-var and

When running xdvi, I got warning msgs

    xdvi: Warning: /usr/local/tex/texmf-var/dvips/config/ps2pk.map:
    entry for font "mtex" on line 2162 overrides previous entry.
    xdvi: Warning: /usr/local/tex/texmf-var/dvips/config/ps2pk.map:
    entry for font "mtsy" on line 2167 overrides previous entry.

The complaints were about the double definition of mtex:
  mtex BLEX "TeXMathExtensionEncoding ReEncodeFont" <blex.pfb
  mtex MTEX <MTEX.pfb
and of mtsy:
  mtsy BLSY <blsy.pfb
  mtsy MTSY <MTSY.pfb

The official way to fix this is to edit texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg and
then run updmap to recreate ps2pk.map.  We have versions of updmap.cfg
in both /usr/local/texmf and /usr/local/texmf-var.  It wasn't quite
obvious to me how to change this.  I tried removing a few things here
and there, and then running updmap.  It didn't work; the generated
ps2pk.map still had the multiple definitions of mtex and mtsy.

The simple fix was to simply comment out the BLEX and BLSY lines,
since we have the real MathTime fonts and don't need to use Belleek.
But the Right Thing To Do would be to set things up so that updmap
would generate a proper ps2pk.map.

What exactly should I be doing to get updmap to work?


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