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Sun Dec 21 00:59:35 CET 2003

Dear TeX user,

Some short conference-related news items this time around:

1) TUG will be making a presentation (TeX and LaTeX: Questions and
   Answers) at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, with
   all thanks to Don DeLand.  In booths 114 and 116, at 1pm on Thursday
   January 8th and 5pm on Friday January 9th.  There will be other
   TeX-related booths and presentations as well.

2) BachoTeX 2004, the annual meeting of the Polish TeX users group
   is scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2004.  BachoTeX has an international
   focus and attendance.  Abstracts due February 16.

3) TUG is planning to hold a regional, user-oriented, conference in San
   Francisco from July 19-22, 2004, with workshops and training
   sessions.  Information is still preliminary at this point; we'll send
   more updates, the call for papers, etc., as it develops.
   We chose this date and topic for the regional conference so as not to
   conflict with:
4) TUG 2004: An International Conference on TeX, XML, and Digital
   Typography, will be held in Xanthi, Greece, Aug 30-Sep 4, 2004.
   Thanks to all who submitted abstracts (if anyone would like to submit
   one late, it will be considered).  A program should be posted soon.

5) Preprints from TUG 2003 are available now through the abstracts
   accessible from:
   or browse directly at:
   We hope the printed proceedings will be published in early 2004.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Happy holiday TeXing,
Karl Berry (president),
on behalf of the TUG board

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