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Rajesh Kumar Mallah mallah at trade-india.com
Wed Dec 10 17:46:00 CET 2003

Dear Sirs,

I represent a commercial company which is exploring options
to automate typesetting of its yearly publication. We currently
use PageMaker.

To my mind TeX or LaTeX comes first because its meant for it
and i have little experience.

However i require help in overcoming some specific  TeX/LateX
related problem that i am facing.

We intend to donate to the Development Fund or pay consultancy fees
appreciation of the help.

I shall brefily descibe what we want to do and what is the problem i face.

We publish directory every year using PageMaker for typesetting . This
is really tedious and time consuming. We plan to automate it as our data
is already oraganied in an RDBMS .

The Directory is a /four column/ document and the pages have /headers
and footers/. Inside the page the text flows from top to bottom in a 
and the columns are filled from left to right.

The actual problem is due to the presence of /figures /that can /span/ 
columns anywhere where in the page . A typical page could contain number
of 1 column figures and 1-2 fugures that can span multiple columns.

I have tried using the /multicol/ package with hints in

but the problem is when the figure extends beyond 1 colum the figure
overlaps the text (the figure becoming transparent)

Any help extended for the solution will really be appreciated.

Looking forward to a positive reply

Warm Regards
Rajesh Kumar Mallah.
CTO, Trade-India.com

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