[texhax] Aligning multiline formulae

Ian Watson iangwatson at pnc.com.au
Mon Dec 8 05:50:35 CET 2003

Dear texhax,

  I'm having difficulty getting the following multiline formulae to
  left align. It is either comes out right aligned or centred.

  I've tried all of the environments shown commented out in the example
  below, as well as the gathered environment. Can anyone suggest how I
  can get a left alignment?


\mathbf{A}\equiv\begin{bmatrix}a_{11} & a_{12} \\ a_{21} & a_{22}\end{bmatrix}%
  \equiv\begin{bmatrix}1 & -1 \\-c & 1\end{bmatrix}, \\
\mathbf{x}\equiv\begin{bmatrix}x_1 \\ x_2\end{bmatrix}%
  \equiv\begin{bmatrix}Y \\X\end{bmatrix}, \\
\mathbf{b}\equiv\begin{bmatrix}b_1  \\ b_2\end{bmatrix}%
  \equiv\begin{bmatrix}I^* \\a\end{bmatrix}.


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