[texhax] TUGboat 23-2 shipped today

TUG Office office at tug.org
Fri Dec 5 23:39:05 CET 2003

Hello everyone,

TUGboat Volume 23, Number 2 was sent to the printer today.  Hopefully it 
will be mailed to members in the next two weeks or thereabouts.

The contents are enclosed for your perusal:

Robin Laakso for
Mimi Burbank and the TUGboat production team

                   Volume 23, Number 2                2002

Barbara Beeton
       Editorial comments                                          	114
  Peter Flynn
       Formatting information:
       A beginner's introduction to typesetting with LaTeX    115

News & Announcements

    Calendar                                                       	238
    Institutional members                                          	239

  TeX consulting and production services                           240

  TUG 2004
    International Conference on TeX, XML and Digital Typography     c3


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