[texhax] Seemingly, a ps2pk problem

Rama Porrat rama at cc.huji.ac.il
Thu Dec 4 08:18:26 CET 2003

Friends, hello,
I have tried to send my question to Piet Tutelaers, who wrote ps2pk,
but it seems the address I have is wrong.
I need help with a problem which seems to me to be related with ps2pk,
but actually I am not sure.  I have put the problem in an attahment so as 
not to bother all of you, texhax readers.
Regards to all, and many thanks to those who can help.   Rama.
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I have the following problem with ps2pk --
I am part of a group who tries to make Hebrew (ttf) 
fonts from Windows usable by TeX.
On Unix it works fine.
On Windows 98, when I try to use a ps (*.pfa) font, 
I get the following report  -- 
           Here's part of the viewer (Yap) logbook:
going to load pk font rdavid
start: e:\PROGRA~1\MiKTeX\miktex\bin\makepk.exe --
verbose rdavid 600 600 magstep(0.0) ljfour
name: rdavid, dpi=600, bdpi=600, mag=magstep(0.0), mode=ljfour
makemf --verbose rdavid
cannot find rdavid source file.
ttf2pk -q -n rdavid 600
hbf2gf -q -p rdavid 600
Consulting e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\miktex\config\config.makepk...
Creating rdavid.pk...
searching FontOutline for David-Medium...
found 1 match:
  e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\fonts\type1\culmus\David-Medium.pfa
ps2pk -v -X600 -e T1Encoding David-Medium rdavid.pk
PSRESOURCEPATH := e:\Local TeXMF\miktex\config; 
e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\miktex\config
Resource <e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\fonts\type1\culmus\David-Medium.pfa>
Resource <e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\fonts\afm\culmus\David-Medium.afm>
More than one Encoding resource for T1Encoding
 <e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\dvips\base\culmus-he8.enc>
 <e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\dvips\base\culmus-he8.enc>
 <e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\dvips\base\culmus-he8.enc>
Resource <C:\Aladdin\gs6.01\lib\culmus-he8.enc>
Loading encoding vector from T1Encoding ... done
Checking type1 font David-Medium.pfa ... done
Creating character glyphs for David-Medium.pfa ...
        Type1OpenScalable error (result: -2) on 
             e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\fonts\type1\culmus\David-Medium.pfa 
MAKEPK: ps2pk failed on David-Medium
rdavid not loadable - loading cmr10 instead!
As you see, the problem is
Type1OpenScalable error (result: -2) 
        on e:\Program Files\MiKTeX\fonts\type1\culmus\David-Medium.pfa 

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