TUGboat 21:3 (TUG 2000 Proceedings Issue) shipped today

Mimi Burbank mimi at csit.fsu.edu
Thu Jun 14 16:43:12 CEST 2001

I'm  glad to announce 160 pages were shipped to the printer today. 
We are very late, deeply apologetic, and hopeful of getting the 
next three issues "out the door" as soon as possible.   

Enclosed are the contents of the issue: 

		     Volume 21, Number 3 /  September 2000

Editorial Comments							155
     Robin Fairbairns    
TUG 2000 Program							157

     Benjamin Bayart
	The description language chosen for FDNTeX			159
     Barbara Beeton
	Unicode and math, a combination whose time has come -- Finally! 176
     Alexander Berdnikov, Yury Yarmola, Olga Lapko, and Andrew Janishewsky
	Some experience in converting LH Fonts from MF 
    	          to Type1 format [Abstract]				186
     Wlodek Bzyl
	Typesetting TeX documents containing computer code		187
     David Carlisle
	XMLTEX: A non validating (and not 100% conforming) 
	      namespace aware XML parser implemented in TeX		193
     Donald DeLand
	Developing interactive, Web-based courseware [Abstract]		200
     Michael Downes
	The amsrefs LaTeX package and the amsxport BibTeX style		201
     Jonathan Fine
	Line breaking and page breaking					210
     Michel Goossens and Sebastian Rahtz
	PassiveTeX: from XML to PDF					222
     Pedro Palao Gostanza
	Fast scanners and self-parsing in TeX				235
     Hirotsugu Kakugawa
	A device-independent DVI interpreter library 
	    for various output devices					243
     M. Y. Kolodin, O. V. Eterevksy, O. G. Lapko, and I. A. Makhovaya
	``Russian style'' with LaTeX and babel: 
          what does it look like and how does it work			250
     Alex Kostin & Michael Vulis
	Mixing TeX & PostScript: The GeX model				251
     Michel Lavaud
	The AsTeX Assistant and Navigator [Abstract]			265
     Bernice Sacks Lipkin
	LaTeX and the personal database					266
     Frank Mittelbach
	Formatting documents with floats: A new algorithm for LaTeXe	278
     Timothy Murphy
	The Penrose notation: a LaTeX challenge [Abstract]		291
     Marina Yu. Nikulina and Alexander S. Berdnikov
	Chess macros  for chess games and puzzles			298
     John Plaice
	Omega version 2 [Abstract]					303
     Apostolos Syropoulos and Richard W. D. Nickalls
	A Perl port of the mathsPIC graphics package			292
     Philip Taylor and Jiri Zlatuska
	The NTS project: from conception to birth [Abstract]		304

News & Announcements
      Calendar								306
      TUG '2001 Announcement						154
      Miscellaneous Photos						305

TUG Business
      TUG '2000 Attendees						308
      Institutional members						306
      TUG membership application					310

      TeX consulting and production services				311
      IBM techexplorer							312
      Blue Sky Research							 c3


Mimi Burbank
(for the TUGboat production team) 

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