[texdoc] help msg

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Feb 23 20:37:24 CET 2010

Karl Berry a écrit :
>     OTOH, if you have 'interact_switch = false' in your config file,
>     should it try to display (default) on the -I line or just keep the
>     "real" default?
> I'm not sure.  I can see arguments either way.  Is it feasible to take
> account of config files in the help message, though?
It's not completely straightforward, but it should not be too hard either.

>     By the way, to you think I should still display the deprecated
>     options in the list? 
> I think it'd be fine to leave them out.
Good, that's what I did in the meanwhile.

> Hmm, those changes should only help with help2man.  The format I wrote
> is what many GNU programs use, e.g., cp/mv/rm from coreutils, and they
> use help2man to make their man pages.
You're right.


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